Your whole life you’ve done the right thing. You’ve given your employers the best years of your life. And now, you’ve suffered an injury or illness and can’t work. Now you need the Social Security disability cash benefits and Medicare you’ve paid for. Let Action Disability Representatives  help you cut through the red tape and get the benefits you deserve.

We've helped construction workers, servers, nurses, security guards and many others who have had jobs that required them to constantly stand, walk, and lift. Through no fault of our clients, illnesses or accidents have ended their careers. They simply cannot do their jobs any longer. This is when our clients need their Social Security disability cash benefits and Medicare. We can help you collect them.

Interacting with Social Security can be so discouraging. After months of waiting for a response, Social Security turns many people down for disability benefits. Sometimes people find that they couldn’t complete their application on line. There are a number of obstacles that can keep you from collecting your Social Security disability cash benefits and Medicare. The government required you to pay into these programs while you were working. Now, the obstacles and wait could cause you to lose benefits. We can help!

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