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When you need disability representation, you need the best help you can get. Let us serve you! At Action Disability Representatives, we're the best at winning benefits for claimants in the area served by the Albuquerque Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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We Serve All of New Mexico

  • Albuquerque
  • Los Lunas
  • Belen
  • Rio Rancho
  • Bernalillo
Learn more about why we exclusively serve the New Mexico area.

We Provide Full Representation

  • Comprehensive representation services
  • Initial applications
  • Appeals
  • We attend hearings on behalf of our clients, and more!

Expect Hassle-Free Representation From Us

John Bishop is a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives. He has previously worked as a disability examiner in the New Mexico Disability Determination Services, in addition to serving as a Disability Hearing Officer for the New Mexico Disability Hearing unit.

John has been representing clients since 2001. Our team of representatives uses all of our experience to ensure that your experience with Social Security is as smooth and efficient as possible.
Social Security

Social Security Disability Benefits in Rio Rancho, NM

All across New Mexico, the Action Disability Representatives group fights for Americans to get what they deserve when it comes to Social Security payments. If you’re struggling to apply, receive or have been denied Social Security disability payments then you need to contact a Social Security disability representative to help you through the process.

At Action Disability Representatives, we understand how frustrating and tiring it is to deal with applying for Social Security on your own which is why we offer the services of a Social Security disability representative in Rio Rancho, NM and a Social Security disability representative in Los Lunas, NM. It’s all about getting you what you deserve and fighting for your rights.
Social Security

Social Security Disability Advocate in Bernalillo, NM

From initial applications to appeals, we fight for you and attend your hearings so you don’t have to worry about representing yourself before an Administrative Law Judge. This is especially important if you've been denied Social Security disability benefits in Albuquerque, NM or anywhere in the state of New Mexico.

We offer the help, advice, and expertise of a Social Security disability representative to help you get your payments that you rightfully deserve in New Mexico.
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